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3D Printing


3D printing is available, by appointment, at the Main Branch of the Greece Public Library.

What is 3D Printing?

3D printing allows people to create tangible objects from a computer file. With our Ultimaker 2+ printer, teens (16 and up) and adults have created cookie cutters, keychains, Christmas tree ornaments and more.  Prior to working with the printer, users must complete an orientation session and sign a user agreement.

Why 3D Printing at the Greece Public Library?

Libraries have a long tradition of providing access to new technologies, acting as a community resource for those who would like to develop new skills and learn about their changing world. In the last century many first touched a computer, explored the internet and printed to a laser printer in libraries just like ours. The Greece Public Library's mission, "To engage, inspire and inform through community relevant learning opportunities", recognizes the importance of being a center of discovery for technologies, like 3D printing, that will impact the way we live in the 21st century.

Certification and  3D Modeling Classes

Orientation & certification sessions and classes in 3D modeling are offered to adults and teens on a monthly basis.  

 Registration is required and can be done through our online calendar, or by calling the library at (585) 225-8951.

*Orientation & certification sessions are also offered to groups of 4 or more by appointment upon request.  Call the library for details.

Getting Started

Newly certified?  Dive in with a simple project downloaded from or other online repository of .stl files.

Scheduling the Printer

Those who have completed the orientation sesson and would like to make an appointment to use the 3D printer, may submit their digital file for review by clicking the button below. 


Submit 3D File