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Read the Globe

Adult & Teen Reading Challenge

Through May 2020

 Join us as we discover new people and places through world literature book BINGO. Here’s how it works:

  • To register and receive a bingo board, send an email to:
  • BINGO squares have country names; read a book about or set in a country, or with an author from that country to check off a square.
  • Check off five squares in a row to get a BINGO and complete your board.
  • When you complete your board request another one to keep reading!
  • Your first BINGO earns you a prize; all completed boards will be entered into a raffle for additional prizes.
  • All prizes and raffles will be awarded at a Celebration held after the challenge ends (date and location TBD).
  • Challenge ends May 31, 2020

Looking for some title suggestions? We’ve gathered some world reading lists for you!

Still looking for more title suggestions? Try! There are lots of lists based on continents as well as specific countries!