Early Literacy Resources

5 Simple Practices that Promote Early Literacy


  • Talk to your children even if they aren’t talking yet.
  • Talk with your child as you go through daily routines. Explain things and ask questions.
  • Talk with your children in the language you know best.
  • Singing slows down language so children can hear sounds and syllables. This will help them sound out words when they begin to read.
  • Don’t worry if you are not a good singer. Your children will love singing with you!
  • Sing with your child in the language you know best.
  • Read with your child every day!
  • Read with your child in the language you know best.
  • As you read together, point to letters and words on the page.
  • Have crayons, markers, and paper in your home.
  • Scribbling leads to writing. Give your child plenty of time to scribble and draw
  • Let your child see you write in the language you know best.
  • Play = Learning!
  • Children learn and use language by playing with one another
  • Give your child time for free play during the day.



Tumblebooks for Kids is a digital library designed specifically for children!

The interactive and animated picture books build vocabulary and encourage early literacy through sound, music, and narration. 


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