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Our residents have always been passionate and engaged readers who love to discuss and share books. Our librarians lead a variety of book clubs and are always ready with recommendations of “what to read next.” These have been so well received that we decided it was time to do more!

In late 2019, we launched Greece Reads, an annual community-wide reading event and author visit series curated by our librarians. Our goal was to engage neighbors, strangers, and friends around one book for discussion and community building.

Each year, our librarians collaborate to select a book that we encourage the community to read and discuss together. Books are selected by our Greece Reads committee based on a variety of factors, such as discussion quality, readability, and theme.

Our readers enjoy digging deeper into these book selections by sharing thoughts with other readers, and particularly appreciate the opportunity to engage with the author. Each year, they – along with our librarian moderators – compile thoughtful and engaging questions and points of discussion to share during our author visit. Below, we share with you our previous book selections, as well as thoughts from our authors and fellow readers. As always, we are already hard at work on our next Greece Reads event, to bring you another great read!

We can’t wait to read with you!


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Greece Reads Author Alumni

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Etaf Rum | A Woman Is No Man | 2022

“Thank you for inviting me to be part of the wonderful discussion of A Woman Is No Man. I loved meeting the bookish community of Greece Public Library and coming together to discuss the transformative power of reading and the use of books as a bridge to the outside world. I’m so grateful for the wonderful librarians at Greece Public Library for choosing my debut novel for this inspiring program, and I hope to be back again soon. All my love, Etaf” - Etaf Rum


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Angie Kim | Miracle Creek | 2021

“Thank you so much for inviting me to be part of the wonderful and provocative discussion for the all-community read of Miracle Creek. As I said during the event, I love all-community reads because I love the idea of people coming together and sharing the ideas and emotions behind one book at one time--truly melding together around the world created by a story and cast of characters. The Greece, New York, community is so lucky to have such amazing and caring librarians to put this annual event together, and I'm so grateful that they chose my debut novel for this wonderful program. I'm crossing my fingers that you'll invite me back for my second novel so that I can meet you all in person next time!” – Angie Kim


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Zoje Stage | Baby Teeth 2020

“I had the honor of being the first Greece Reads author with my novel Baby Teeth. While I'd looked forward to visiting Rochester, NY (where I'd lived for thirteen years) and seeing old friends and new, the pandemic changed our plans. We forged ahead via Zoom—just as Zoom was becoming a back-up plan for so many gatherings. This was my first virtual author event, and it was a wonderful experience. Truly, there is nothing better for an author than to be able to deeply discuss your work in a book club-type environment where everyone involved has read the material! Every reader brings a bit of their own experience to a book, which makes such discussions even more rewarding. Greece Public Library has remained supportive of me and my work, and I couldn't be more grateful. It feels amazing to have them as part of my ‘book family.’” – Zoje Stage


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What Our Readers are Saying

“Just wanted to let you ladies know how much I enjoyed the author visit with Angie Kim last night. I know there were months of preparation before the session and all your work is much appreciated!” – Alice

“It was a terrific discussion. Thanks to the Friends of the Greece Library for sponsoring events like this.” – Kris

"I really enjoyed the unique opportunity to hear directly from the author. Thank you to the GPL team for having yet another great program!" – Jen

“Best author visit I’ve been to.” – Diane D.

“What a great event! It was so nice to be able to meet in-person again. Etaf was amazing and so willing to share her own personal story to help us understand her culture. Thank you to all who helped plan it.” - Gina D.

“Etaf was super engaging with the audience. The effect her book had on readers was so apparent in the heartfelt (sometimes tear filled) exchanges throughout the evening. I really appreciate how open and honest she was about her own life and how that influenced her writing.” – Tracy S.

“These events are wonderful and I feel blessed to have a library that is willing to put them on for their readers.”

“The evening was wonderful. The author was eloquent and charming. The subject matter and her writing process were fascinating. I would absolutely attend another such event.”

“Thanks to the library staff for putting this event on! What a great way for folks to be even more engaged with the books they read!”

“This was a great event and I enjoyed the author visit and the big book discussion. This book is not a book I would have picked had it not been for this event. Kuddos for getting us out of our comfort zones!”

“I'm so glad you have these events. I've been to three and I've never been disappointed.”

“It was a great event. I'm so glad I read the book (I would probably not have if not for the program) so I believe if the goal is to have folks read outside their comfort zone, you did an excellent job! Thanks so much.”


Greece Reads Committee

Claire Talbot, Librarian

Kirstra Otto, Librarian

Cathy Henderson, Librarian

Stephanie Cervantes, Librarian


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